120811 Kristin first Swedish woman in Dalsland Kanot Marathon
Dalsland Kanot Marathon is the biggest paddling event in Sweden with more than 700 participants. Both Daniel and Kristin attended the race, paddling their Epic V12’s. After 5hours and 38 minutes Kristin was the winner in the K1 category for ladies and 5th in the Elite category, only having 4 danish women ahead of her. Daniel placed top 20 in the men’s category.

120804 Vicotry in Discovery AIM Challenge
6 hour rogaining mountainbiking. Daniel and Kristin aimed to get up to the mountains as quick as possible to collect the highly rewarded checkpoints in the beginning. Disovery AIM Challenge attracted more than 200 teams and is a great event, suitable for everyone.

120722 Sky Race des Ecrins
During the training camp Daniel, Johan and Kristin attended the 48 km Sky Race des Ecrins. Incredibly beautiful terrain as we climbed 3000 metres in altitude. Daniel hade the best pace of the team members, finishing the race in 5 hours and 52 minutes and a 15th position. Johan not to far behind in 6hours 10 minutes and Kristin crossed the finish line with a swollen upper lip after a collision with a wasp. She finished as runners up in the female category after 6 hours and 44 minutes.

120721 French/Italian Training Camp
The team had a great weekend in the Alps enjoying some sky running, glacier trekking and Via Ferrata climbing. See the pictures from the training camp here: Summer training>>

120630 Fighting spirit in Åre Extreme Challenge
One month after APEX, the team members are still trying to recover. Nevertheless, Daniel could not resist attending the classic Solo race Åre Extreme Challenge. Daniel managed to work himself up to 3rd place after having a slow start. However he could not keep this position and he could still feel the altitude metres from Switzerland in his legs when he crossed the finish line in 9th place.

120609 The Alpine Expedition Race (APEX), Switzerland
The big rehersal for the World Championships of 2012 took place in the Swiss Alps. APEX is included in the AR World Series and the team finished 3rd in the strong field after 77 hours of racing.

120601 FJS Boosted by MIDROC
We are extremely happy to present our new sponsor MIDROC. Check out our blog on the MIDROC page here>>

120521 Victories at Le Grand Tour – 24h race
Daniel and Kristin defended their title from last year when they after 23 hours and 57 minutes crossed the finish line as winners of the LGT. 3hour and 23 minutes ahead of 2nd placed team. Emil won the male category together with Björn Rydvall from Team Silva, 45 minutes ahead of 2nd place.

120521 Double Victory in the Swedish Cup Premiere
Emil and Johan made a strong performance in the male category where they fcrossed finish line as the winners, before Silva/Citywolfs in second place. Daniel and Kristin had just arrived back from Nepal but were able to win the mixed category 20 minutes before 2nd placed team.

120413 Double Victory in Everest Ultra, the highest ultra race in the world
After nine days of trekking and acclimatization up to Mount Everest Base Camp, Daniel and Kristin were ready to tackle Everest Ultra; 65 kilometer race with the start line located 5200 metres above sea level in Gorak Shep. Luckily enough finish line was located further down, 2800 metres above sea level in Lukla. Daniel reached the finish line as the first foreigner after 6hours and 35 minutes. Kristin, the second foreigner overall and the first female runner crossed the finish line after 7h 49 minutes.

120126 Victory in Denmark
Early season premiere in Helsingör, Denmark. Switched snow and crosscountry skiing to beaches and sunshine in Kong Winter Race. The race offered 12 hours of MTB, sea kayaking, running and rope work. We faced a tight battle where Daniel and Kristin won the mixed category and John & Emil finished in 3rd place male category after some biking problems in the last leg.

111109 6th place AR World Championship Tasmania
The 700 km World Championship became an exciting and eventful journey, including serious stomach problems, navigation mistakes, biking problems (broken bicycle frame and derailleur). Three of four team members suffered from stomach illness resulting in slow progression during the first four days. We felt almost knocked down, but we got up on nine.. When the fifth day of racing started, the entire team was finally in relatively good shape. The 75 km white-water paddling was a crucial section for us. We pushed incredibly hard and we were the only team in the race that managed to finish the section in one day. Strengthened of the strong paddling we continued to chase down teams ahead of us. Turning off our head lamps during the last coastal trek we sneaked by another two teams. After our initial problems we are very happy with our progression during the last two days which resulted in a 6th position after 6 days of racing.

110916 Victory in the Swedish Cup race in Kristinehamn
Daniel and Kristin won the mixed categoy while Emil (together with John) took third place in male category just before Johan who raced with Fredrik Nylen from SWECO and finished in 4th position

110903 Stormy Ö till Ö
Johan and Daniel raced in this year’s version of the Ö till Ö with the ambition to do better than last year (2nd place). But the heavy sea made the duo suffering in the swimming sections, facing just too much time to catch up. "We have been struggling throughout the race and fought our way up from seventh place all the way to the podium. Only tailwind that we have had during this race was when we were finished and were told that we were third."

110821 Swedish Champions!
Kristin Larsson and Daniel Hansson won the Swedish Championship last weekend. –“It feels great, it was a close race with fight all the way to the finish line”. They had the lead from the start but where chased hard by team Polarpuls who finished second. Emil, title defender from last year’s championship won the bronze medal in the male category together with John Andén.

110709 Solo race Åre Extreme Challenge resulted in 2nd, 4th, 7th och 11th position
Åre Extreme Challenge is the largest solo race in Sweden. Located in the fantastic surroundings of Åre, the race consists of white water kayaking, mountain running and MTB. Tight and close finishing in the male category where Emil had the lead after the paddling section and Daniel went out as the leader on the last mtb section. Kristin chased down a second place in the women category after a difficult rudder failure on the first white water section. Final results for the team: Kristin at 2nd place, Daniel 4th, Emil 7th and Johan 11th position.

110611 STAR: 2nd and 3rd position
When the Swedish Multisport Cup race came to Stockholm last weekend FJS was represented in both mix and male categories. Neither team reached all they way but Johan and Kristin finished as runners up in the mix category and Daniel together with John Andén finished the podium with a 3rd position

110603 Victory in Le Grand Tour
Daniel and Kristin was the fastest team in the Longest race in Sweden this year. It took them 27 hours to force the deep forests in Värmland. Karlstad Multisport arranged a tough but beautiful course where the teams not only raced over swamps and mountains but also had time for a number of turns in the ski tunnel and a quick inlines section.

110515 Trackrecord
Ultimate Kolmården (UK) and Kolmården Adventure Race (KAR) invited to a race the solo classes. The course was designed with the motto "Far and long". Johan has described the track as "A mental kick in the scrotum" after the victory in the premiere in 2007. This year a new course record was made by Daniel at 8:37:40 after an internal FJS head to head race. Sunday race consisted of a sprint distance and were once again an internal race within team FJS for the first place, which Emil won with Daniel right behind.

110515 Victory!
Winning the first Swedish Cup contest after a tactically well-run race. At last the last checkpoint we were three teams at the same time- Netcompetence, AXA and FJS. Immediately after the checkpoint we made a push. With a few hundred meters left to the finish the other teams dropped off and we could relax and win by 13 seconds after 4 hours of racing. It's a good feeling to win a tough duel with good resistance. The hard winter training pays off.

110310 4th place at Huairasinchi
Not the longest race, but an absolute test. Starting in the Ecuadorian Andes, Paramo, and with the finish line in the Amazonas, the contest is one of the most diverse we've raced. With a tough start due to the high altitude, it went above our expectations. But after extensive difficulties for the team during the first night, we could once again gain momentum after some recovery. Unfortunately a part of the last half of the race was cut out due to access problems. Thereby our opportunities for advancement decreased. In summary, we have made a good race even though we had higher ranking ambitions.
Se clips from our preps and race >>
Race webbsite>>

110303 Huairasinchi
After a week in Ecuador we are ready to start. We do feel the altitude, but after a week of acclimatization we are more comfortable. The course of 350km will be dominated by cycling and trekking, with a total elevation gain of 10.000m. Start on Saturday, 06.30 local time.
Se our preparations in Ecuador >>
Race webbsite>>

110227 Follow us!

Follow us on facebook. For several years we have run our picture blog. From now we will use facebook as our forum. Here you will find videos, pics and info from our competitions and trainings. Now we are in Equador, preparing us for the AR World Series race Huairasinchi.

110219 Huairasinchi
The Huairasinchi race of Ecuador is a part of the Adventure Racing World Series and a qualifier for the Adventure Racing World Championships in Tasmania, Australia in October 2011. Our aim is to secure a start slot for the World champs. The race in Ecuador will be held on high altitudes. We plan to acclimatize a week prior the race in the volcano region of Quito. We expect the race to be very demanding, various and fast. With less than 3 days of planed racing time, there will be no room for mistakes. The race is known for its hard navigation. The organizers promise a course featuring “Three areas of Ecuador, including coast, mountains and the east.” We leave for Ecuador on the 26th. Follow our preparations and race here. Race webbsite>>

110208 Next stop - Ecuador!
Greetings from our high alt testings of the weekend in the Italian Alpes. We are prepering for our first race in 2011, which will be held in Ecuador. During the weekend parts of the team speedascent to 3600 meters before they had to head back for the flight home. Other parts of the team sends their regards from the ISPO-fair (alt. 50 meters...). More about the Ecuador race to come.

101230 Happy New Year!
We wish you all a Happy New Year!

101218 Race report ADAC 2010
Just when the sun rose over the Abu Dhabi City skyline the teams went off. And what a start for FJS powered by Saab! We knew they could run fast, now they proved they can paddle and swim at world class level. After the prologue the team stayed at fourth place...

Photo: Anders Burman
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101209 Abu Dhabi Adventure Challenge 2010
The last pre-race day of Abu Dhabi Adventure Challenge is about to end, just the Opening ceremony and the important last prerace meal remains. The technical verifications and gear check is done. And I guess that as the Arabic night falls darker the racers strive for bed as fast as possible. It will be an early, early morning. The fact that Johan Hasselmark had to withdraw cause of injury just days before the race is of course not according to plan but as adventure racers do the team just focus on what to come. John Andén will replace Johan and he says: - Feels cool, even if we not raced together the four of us before. I have raced with Emil in Svenska cupen earlier but not with Daniel and Kristin. - With a new team we all will have new roles out there. New members mean new qualities. We will focus on race as fast as possible at every part of the course and being totally exhausted at the finishline, says captain Daniel Hansson.

Follow the live reports from FJS powered by SAAB at the Abu Dhabi Adventure Challenge >>

101129 Abu Dhabi Adventure Challenge 2010 - More than 60 teams from 20 countries will compete in the prestigious adventure race competition Abu Dhabi Adventure Challenge (ADAC). The fourth edition of the annual contest has assembled a line-up of World Cup class. Competition is expected to be cruel. FJS participated in the contest in the first edition in 2007 and will now be on the starting line in 2010 as FJS powered by SAAB
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100918 Emil Swedish Champion - Finally a victory after several second and third places this season. Emil in pair with Aaron Prince from Team Silva/Gerber made a very good race without any major mistakes and could after 8 hours and 46 minutes cross the finish line as Swedish Champions.

The swedish champions 2010
The Swedish Championships>>

100906 FJS Runners up in Ö till Ö - Daniel learned to swim properly a few months before the race started and Johan can still not swim right. Anyway, by adjusting our tactics based on our conditions we managed to give the favourite team Red Bull Ironman, including Jonas Colting and Gordon Byrn a real fight the whole way from the start to the very last kilometer of the race. As expected, we could not match the two world class triathletes in the swimming sections, but we did not lose more than we could catch up on land in the terrain. We battled neck to neck trying to get ahead of each other and finished, after 9 hours and 13 minutes, 3 minutes behind Red Bull Ironman.
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100828 2nd in Polar Adventure Race - It was 24 exciting hours of battle until the finish line of Polar Adventure Race. FJS, in team with SWECO Karlstad finished as runners up, only one minute after team Silver/Gerber.

Team FJS/SWECO Emil, Kristin, Fredrik och Tomas.
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100823 Victory in BAMM - Daniel and Kristin won the elite mixed class of the classical mountain marathon Björkliden Arctic Mountain Marathon and were ranked as number 6 overall.

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100802 Icebug24 - Daniel and Kristin won the mixed class in Icebug 24 last weekend and was the 4th team overall among the 40 teams, including the world rogaining champs of 2008. The participants in the annual 24 hour mountain rogaining competition in Hemavan was facing difficult weather conditions this year, with persistent rain and fog. Swampy mountains and flooded rivers forced the teams to re-analyse their original tactics.

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100720 Explore Sweden Atlantic to Baltic - FJS finished third in Explore Sweden 2010. The team finished the last day of the competition strong and took five hours at Sweco in the last section. Unfortunately it was not enough to pinch second place after a long and eventful journey from the Atlantic to the Baltic Sea. Silva Gerber made a strong race and took the victory.

Photos live reported from the race>>
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100614 LAMM - Daniel and Kristin took a last minute flight to the Scottish Higlands to compete in the Lowe Alpine Mountain Marathon, a 2-day mountain orienteering event that takes place each year in different locations in the Scottish Highlands. They finished 2nd in the Elite Mixed class after the strong adventure racers Helen Jackson and Anthony Emmet. The emphasis of the LAMM organiser is always on providing challenging routes in classic high mountain country and they succeeded also in this year with thousands of satisfied participants.

100416 Hestra adventure race - After a strong race of Emil, in team with John Andén (Ulricehamn) the team ended up in third place in the first National Cup race of the season. The contest was a positive message that the winter training has been managed well.

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100416 The other side of the story - The winning team Team Salomon Suunto give their version of the battle in Borneo in the Salomon Sabah Adventure Challenge.>>

100407 FJS runners up in the Salomon Sabah Adventure Challenge - The eleventh edition of the Salomon Sabah Adventure Challenge in Borneo presented a nail-biting finish this year. After a great stage victory of FJS by Kristin Larsson and Daniel Hansson on the final MTB rogaine orienteering, a nervous countdown started while waiting for the leadership team, Team Salomon Suunto to cross the finish line. After nearly 30 minutes, Michael Maddess and Jeremy Ritchey has still not turned up. But with only one minute left before the total victory would had ended up with FJS, Team Salomon Suunto cross the finish lines as winners of the Sabah Adventure Challenge 2010. Daniel and Kristin finished 2:nd overall after three days of racing, one minute after the guys but well ahead of the second mixed team.

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