FJS Adventure Racing team was born in 2000. The idea came from the Swedish Army's Parachute Ranger Training School in Karlsborg, Sweden (Fallskärmsjägarskola in Swedish, or simply "FJS"). This technically and mentally demanding training school saw similarities in the athletic pursuits of multi-sport racing (read more about FJS and the Swedish special forces on this website).

With the support of the Commanding Officer at FJS, a group of military officers began to compete in multi-sport races under the FJS name. The team's core group soon expanded to include strong and motivated athletes. Following the first successful year of racing -- which included several strong results -- the team's focus sharpened and expectations increased.

Adventure racing and multi-sport is a complex and demanding sport. Races may range from a couple of hours to several days and generally include a variety of athletic disciplines. A team's growth and development is strongly connected to the collective experience of its members, as well as each individual's determination. Together, these qualities dictate a team's success.

FJS's philosophy is that team performance is built upon several factors: a "backpack" full of experience from earlier adventures, hard training, good planning, and adaptability. This approach can handle whatever challenge an adventure race has to offer.